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What about Energy Efficiency in Montenegro?

On Wednesday, June 26th, we discussed with the representatives of Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Economy our activities regarding the industrial modernisation.

Chamber of Economy will play an important role in our activity in energy efficiency “Development of an industrial enterprises mapping/registry and preparation of the analysis of the energy efficiency potential in selected industrial enterprises”.

When it comes to energy efficiency, Industry policy of Montenegro up to 2020 under measure 3.1.2 – Promotion of energy efficiency mechanism and energy management recognize key activities and define objectives which contribute to the improvement of energy efficiency in industrial sector.

Objectives of the Industry policy are mainly related to: i) establishment financial mechanisms (grant schemes, subsidies, etc.) for the implementation of innovative solutions and new technologies which leads to the reduction of energy demand and increase use of locally available renewable energy sources, ii) implementation of projects to support energy efficiency improvement in industrial enterprises and iii) establishment of energy management system in industrial enterprises.

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