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Vitagora: driving force of the smart agro-food chain

On Monday, 18th October 2019, we invited International Project Manager, Ms Eugénie Cornu from the French agro-food innovation cluster, Vitagora, to present to the Montenegrin clusters their company's methods and to explain how they managed to make Vitagora one of the most innovative and successful clusters in France nowadays.

The Responsible of Cluster Development, Ms Milena Jovetić, from the Ministry of Economy was also present. The clusters presented in this meeting were: IT Cluster, Montengrin Prosciutto Cluster (Klaster Crnogorski pršut),Try Local Products Cluster (Probaj domaće), the Wine Cluster (Klaster Vina) and the Zupa Agro-Tourism Cluster (Agro-turisticki klaster Zupa).

Ms Cornu expained that their mission is to support their members growth and competitive advantage by supporting daily activities, supporting their members growth, by helping them overcome daily struggles, by welcoming entrepreneurship and innovation in the agrifood sector in France and globally.

" There are three key points when it comes to food. Firstly, food should taste good. Secondly, it must be healthy, nutritive and sustainable and thirdly, the number of pesticides should be reduced." claimed Ms Cornu.

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