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Energy efficiency for industrial modernisation - "Euromix Beton", Bar

On Saturday, 30th November 2019, we visited a metal industry "Euromix Beton" in Bar for energy efficiency mapping.

Expert on energy efficiency, Mr. Jean-Christophe Clément, our consultant, Mr. Damir Manojlović from E-fusion and our BeSME team had great pleasure to discuss about energy consumption and their products with senior mechanical engineer for mixers, Ms Jelena Jovanović, and junior mechanical engineer for tippers, Mr Luka Petrić.

"Our company offers asphalt concrete services, but we also have a querry and a production line of mixers and tippers." said Ms Jovanović from Euromix Beton.

In the production of their Euromix concrete truck mixers they rely on high quality materials and a great design.

After this very interesting meeting, Ms Jovanović and Mr Petrić showed us their main manufacturing facility of concrete mixers.

Ms Jovanović emphasized that all their products are handmade and supervised by their engineers.

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