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Visit to the wood processing company "Pelengić Trade" for energy efficiency mapping

On Wednesday, 27th November 2019, we visited the wood processing industry “Pelengić Trade” in Bijelo Polje.

Mr. Radović, from Pelengić Trade, informed us that the five biggest consumption equipment of their company are: pellet pressers, drier, steaming, sawmill and boiler as well.

He also mentioned that too much of sunlight during the summer can raise the temperature in the glass façade premises.

Our expert in energy efficiency, Mr. Jean-Christophe Clément advised on how they can use energy more efficiently.

“Firstly, monitoring is very useful in order to see how much energy is spent during the working day and in order to understand how to use energy more efficiently. Secondly, the energy management system is the main key. It’s very important to shut down the machine automatically when they are not needed, during night for example. Thirdly, the renewable energy such as solar energy on roof could be also very efficient.” said Mr. Clément.

After a very fruitful meeting, Mr. Radović showed us the premises of their company such as dryer, boiler, transformation station and pellet factory.

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