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Visit to companies "Pelengić Trade" and "La Vista" for Pilot program of smart energy monitoring

On Wednesday, 9th September 2020, we organised a visit in the wood processing industry “Pelengić Trade” in Bijelo Polje to present the methodology of the Pilot Program and to introduce them to the system implementation process, that they found very interesting.

Wood processing industry “Pelengić Trade” in Bijelo Polje has modern machines a very high industrial level, thus this Pilot will be useful to them in further monitoring of electricity consumption.

On Thursday, 10th September 2020, we also visited a textile company "La Vista", for which this Pilot Program is of great importance.

As they already have some issues with monitoring electricity consumption, this system will significantly enable them to use machines more rationally and thus increase existing production.

This action will support the Industrial Policy 2020, and the results also the recommendations will be used by the Ministry of the Economy to define and propose support programs for supporting the industrial sector, adapted to the maturity of each sector and related companies.

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