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Energy efficiency for industrial modernisation - Wood processing company "ŠIK Polimlje"

During the week of the visits for energy efficiency pre-diagnosis, on Thursday, 28th November 2019, we visited the wood processing company "ŠIK Polimlje" in Berane.

Our expert for energy efficiency advised them on how they can use the energy more efficiently and therefore reduce energy consumption. He introduced them the "smart driving" which is adopted in France for decades.

"ŠIK Polimlje" has around 94 employees and it is a factory of wood veneer and veneer panels production, capacity over 3.000m3 of a wide range of products. The production is based on peeled logs from slightly steamed beech-timber supplied from our own forests and purchased from a wide area of the North-East part of Montenegro. Their product range include: veneer panels, multiplex panels, components based on multiplex panels and Latoflex panels.

This company has agreed to participate in our mission and we will collaborate with them to realise a pre-diagnosis of energy consumption with recommendations to have a more efficient energy optimalisation at their wood processing.

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