The BeSME project is holding "Pre-incubation" programmes for start-ups in Montenegro

Updated: Feb 12

The BeSME project “Enhancement of business Environment and Competitiveness of the Private Sector of Montenegro” is organising fourteen half-day sessions of "Pre-incubation program for start-up", from late January to early March 2021.

The participants of the sessions are several start-ups in Montenegro, who have the opportunity to attend programs led by the coach Mr Jean Luc Scherer. Mr Scherer, has more than 20 years of experience in Innovation, IoT, Bigdata, Blockchain. Founder of Innopolis, A Digital Innovation Factory, Jean Luc helps enterprises to get more out of their innovation initiatives, from idea to concept, designing and developing, selling and scaling.

Sessions are provided not only for the participants of Start-up Programmes but also for Tehnopolis and Science and Technology Park staffs in charge of the Incubators.

This program has its evaluation process, making it possible to measure the effectiveness of the coaches' work and the acquisition of the necessary new knowledge from the side of the participants.

Throughout fourteen sessions, participants will have an opportunity to go through various stages of training: Sessions 1 and 2 are dedicated to Customer Discovery, Sessions 3 and 4: Customer Validation, Sessions 5 and 6: Competitive Position, Sessions 7 and 8: Pitching Basics, Sessions 9, 10 and 11: Go to Market Strategy and Relation with Investors (Public/Private), Sessions 12-14: Self-assessment start-up score.

Start-up representatives have the opportunity to present their ideas, correct ways to implement projects and present the problems they face in the initial stage of their work. To all their needs and questions, our expert Mr Jean Luc Sherer gives advice and helps them to further develop the ideas and business.

Sessions are held via the Zoom communication tool according to the determined program. During the sessions, the participants also use some other collaborative work tools such as Mural and Slack to demonstrate better the interaction.

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