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Mini-info day: Benefits of energy efficiency for meat processing companies

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

On Friday, 29th November 2019 we organized a mini information day for the meat processing companies in the premises of Business Center, in Cetinje.

This meeting was attended by the representatives of Montenegrin Prosciutto Cluster: Martex, Zrnožit, Interproduct, MiAnja, Monstate and SNJ Gornič.

Our Project Manager, Mrs Siska Martina Cahyati opened the session by introducing our BeSME project as well as their activities. She shared the information about the objective of our current mission on Energy efficiency and emphasized the importance for the companies to participate in this mission.

By filling the questionnaires and sharing the data of energy spent in their products' processing, companies can contribute largely to design a map of energy consumption. This can help us to realise a pre-diagnosis of energy consumption with recommendations for energy efficiency, in order to support the Industrial Policy 2020 in Montenegro.

International expert in energy, Mr Jean-Christophe Clément talked about the benefits of energy efficiency for the meat processing companies.

" Firstly, energy efficiency increases competitiveness of the industrial sector and often also leads to increased productivity. Secondly, energy efficiency improves your environmental performance. Thirdly, it improves your image and market penetration. Last but not least, it creates local value." said Mr Clément.

Afterwards, general manager, Mr Ivan Mijušković, from Interproduct d.o.o. - Cetinje, a meat industrial enterprise, invited us to his company where he showed us their premises.

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