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Energy efficiency for industrial modernisation - Northern Montenegro: Textile Industry "La Vista"

On Thursday, 28th Novemeber 2019, we visited the textile industry "La vista" in the northern part of Montenegro, in Berane.

This meeting was attended besides our experts and local team, by representatives of Ministry of Economy, Ms Ivana Popović and Mrs Lidija Radović.

Mr Adrović from La Vista welcomed us in their premises, where we had a very fruitful meeting.

"We produce shirts for men, women and children as well. We do not only export in our country, but in Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, in Italy and many more." said Mr Adrović.

Expert in energy efficiency, Mr Clément from France asked a few questions about the safety of their equipment and later advised how they can use the energy more efficiently and therefore gain more profit in the future.

He explained that they used to have heating problems until they changed the carpentry.

"We have encountered another problem during last few years. Unfortunately, the number of employees drastically decreased due to the migration of people from Northern Montenegro. People from Montenegro, but especially from the northern part leave their homes and go to more developed countries." added Mr Adrović.

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