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Mapping energy efficiency in Industry Sector: Institute for Black Metallurgy JSC

Today, on 20th December 2019, our BeSME team visited the steel industry “Institute for Black Metallurgy” in Nikšić.

Meeting was attended by the representatives of Ministry of economy, our local consultants from Efusion company and representatives from Black Metallurgy Institute.

Black Metallurgy Institute is a joint-stock company and licensed scientific research institution which deals with research and development in technical sciences field, laboratory, field tests and much more.

It is important to mention that the Institute has the Quality Management System Certificate according to the standards of ISO 9001:2008, and the Laboratory Research Accreditation Certificate according to the standards of MEST EN ISO/ IEC 17025:2011

CEO of the company, Mr Ranko Nikolić welcomed us in their premises where we had a very successful meeting.

“Our biggest problems in our company is the lack of isolation, our heating and cooling system and illumination.” claimed Mr Nikolić.

One of our consultants, Mr Manojlović suggested the use of LED lighting instead of neon lighting which is more expensive, as well as, to create a plan in order to restructure the building since it’s very old.

Since the working conditions are not the best, they are very interested in this program and willing to give us much as they can to improve them.

Afterwards, the quality management representative, Ms Vesna Nikcević, showed us their laboratories for chemical testing, for testing with destruction and non-destruction methods and for testing technical protection.

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