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Mapping Energy Efficiency in Industry Sector: FLOTALBA

Yesterday, on 19th December 2019, we and our local consultant, M. Damir Manojlović, from Efusion, visited the glass industry “Flotalba” situated in Podgorica.

Mr Manojlović suggested that monitoring as one way to improve the energy management system and to reduce the energy consumption.

After a very fruitful meeting, the commercial director, Ms Milena Maraš and her colleagues, showed us their production premises and their equipment.

Even though this company is known for its quality and good service, they occurred with a lot of problems within work environment during years which remain to be solved.

“One of the problems is the lack of isolation in the production premises. We mentioned to improve it, but there are still a lot of repairs to be done. There is no heating or cooling system as well. I must mention that although we have bought a transformation station, we still have problems with electricity. Almost every month we are at least five days without the electricity which can accordingly harm our equipment.” said Ms Maraš.

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