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Grant sheme support to competitiveness of private sector in Montenegro

On 18th February, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Sciences, have met us and colleagues from Bpifrance to discuss about one of the most important activities of the Project, to design a framework of grant scheme to support competitiveness of the private sector in Montenegro.

Sylvie Cogneau, she came from Paris to present her concept note and led the discussion about this activity. The deliverable can be expected at the end of this semester. According to her, this Grant Scheme for the Competitiveness of the Private Sector in Montenegro should provide a suitable framework for public intervention that will result in technology upgrading of the companies and modernizing them.

This grant scheme will have to propose a framework of potential support measures that also fill the gaps in the continuum financing of innovation. And, of course the scheme will have to be compatible with the EU rules and specifically with State Aid Rules.

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