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Expert in Women Entrepreneurial Learning / Programme Lines for Women and Young Enterpreneurs (M/W)

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Expert in Women Entrepreneurial Learning (M/W)

Published on : 03/02/2020

  1. Mission description

Proposed mission will be directly in line with development of measures under Strategic goal 5: Promotion of entrepreneurship of youth, women and social entrepreneurship of the Strategy for Development of MSMEs 2018- 2022 for Montenegro. Significant progress has been made by adopting the Strategy of Women Entrepreneurship Development in Montenegro 2015-2020, whose implementation contributed to increased representation of women in entrepreneurial activities; increased percentage of employment of women compared to men’s employment; increased salaries of women in relation to men's earnings; increased representation of women in the ownership and management structures of the company. All these changes are identified by the Strategy for development of MSMEs 2018-2022.

The new Strategy for Woman Entrepreneurship is supposed to define guidelines for the 2020-2025 periods for strengthening the process of intensive integration of potential and existing female entrepreneurs into all available support programmes. The Strategy of Women Entrepreneurship Development 2015-2020 directly sets actions and measures for implementation of Strategic goal 5 (Strategy for development of MSMEs 2018-2022), until 2020, and it needs to be updated in order to fully guide development of SG 5 of the MSMEs Strategy.

Assistance for drafting Strategy for Women Entrepreneurship 2020-2025 and the Action plan represent a sort of capacity building of the relevant institutions in charge of the implementation of the Competitiveness and Innovation policies in the area of providing support for targeted groups. By providing TA to the relevant stakeholders this project directly can contribute towards setting adequate prerequisite for achieving measures under SO 5 from the Strategy for development of MSMEs 2018-2022.

  1. Project or context description

1) General objective of the mission

The general objective of the mission is to provide technical assistances for the beneficiary of the Project, the Ministry of Economy of Montenegro, on the revision of previous strategic document on Women Entrepreneurial Learning and create the new Strategy and its associated Action Plan.

2) Specific objectives and Description of the mission

· Working Group and Kick off organisation

· Preparation of the Template for the WE Strategy 2015-2020 4 year report based on the Government General Secretariat methodology and instructions

· The first meeting of the Working group for drafting the Strategy for Women Entrepreneurial Learning

· Review on implementation of the current LLE Strategy and drafting position paper with defined key challenges and priorities of the further LLE development and promotion of the entrepreneurship as a key competence

· Consultation with key actors on finding presented in Position Paper and WG meeting

· Focus Groups meetings – In Regions

· Position paper finalisation, Policy implementation and coordination concept

· Preparation of AP Template and related work to WG meeting preparation

· Consultation and official approval from key stakeholders (members of the WG) on the 1st Draft of the Strategy - official approvals to be delivered from 1st August until 15th September 2019)

· Defining 1st Draft of the Action Plan

· Final draft of the Strategy and final draft of the Action plan

· WG meeting and approval of the Strategy and Action plan

· Public consultation/opinion leading

· Public debate leading

· Final approval of the Strategy and the AP: official approval of the General Secretariat

· Final document ready to be adopted by the Government

4) Expected Results

Final version of the Women Entrepreneurial Learning Strategy 2020 to be submitted to the Government of Montenegro.

  1. Required profile

Education / skills : - University degree in international relations or any other relevant field ; - Fluent English is required, fluent in Montenegrin will be advantages;

Professional experience:

- Experiences in the revision of national strategic documents for private sector in Balkan region are required, experiences in Montenegro will be advantageous

- Specific experience in the thematic for support women business learning and lifelong entrepreneurial learning

- A minimum of 10 years of relevant professional experience

1) Country: Montenegro 2) Period of implementation: 5-6 months 3) Start of activities : March 2020 4) Date of termination : The mission will be considered ended after the validation of the final report. 5) Deliverables Final mission report and final Strategy for Women Entrepreneurial Learning and its associated Action Plan


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