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Expert in GDPR for Data Center (M/W)

Updated: Nov 18, 2020


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Published on: 2020/09/17


Mission description

One of the main Project's beneficiaries, Tehnopolis, will perform new services starts from October 2020 through their new 2 laboratories and 1 data centre. Related to the Data Centre, the objective is to take into account the National Law and the GDPR (regulation) in order to comply with both regulations. To respond to this inquiry, the GDPR guidelines and best practices will be necessary to be established, including the identification of the mandatory measures to be in compliance with the regulations.

Project or context description

The BeSME Project "Enhancement of business Environment and Competitiveness of the Private Sector of Montenegro" has an overall objective to further enhance the business environment and competitiveness of the private sector of Montenegro. One of the main beneficiaries of the Project is Tehnopolis that has a mission to develop Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center as a “tool” used for entrepreneurship improvement, which creates possibilities for the founding of new enterprises, opening new jobs and development of companies based on new, innovative ideas and technology.

Tehnopolis supports for business idea development and starting a private company in Tehnopolis and provide information related to running a business and obtaining financial funds. Tehnopolis is engaged in the promotion and development of entrepreneurship, founding new and developing the existing companies on the local and regional level, promoting and development of scientific research results with the aim of strengthening of business operations, as well as participating in the realisation of different development projects. Along with these activities, Tehnopolis will represent the source of new ideas and knowledge, constantly improved with the help of local and foreign consultants in different areas. A very important part of business activities is establishing a network of institutions, businessmen and individuals who will support all potential entrepreneurs, newly founded or existing companies.

Required profile


- University degree in Law, a specialisation of data privacy law is an advantage; 

- Fluent English is required;

Professional experience:

- A minimum of (three) 3 years of relevant professional experiences in the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

- Good knowledge of the data privacy law

1) Country: Montenegro

2) Period of implementation: 2 months

3) Start of activities: December 2020

4) Date of termination: The mission will be considered ended after the validation of the final report.

5) Deliverables: GDPR guidelines for the DC of Tehnopolis

Online application:

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