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Digital Transformation: France's experience and solutions

On Monday, 18th October 2019, the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, the French-Montenegrin companies club (FMCC) and the Embassy of France has organized the conference "Digitalization, its French application, and expertise without the sector" in the premises of Chamber of Commerce in Podgorica.

French experts, as well as, the representatives of Montenegrin institutions and enterprises exchanged their opinions and point of view regarding the digitalization of the public sector, especially in the agricultural field.

They informed us additionally that Montenegro has been visited by more than 77 thousand of tourists from France and that the French Government invested 3,8 million euros in Montenegro in the first half of this year.

One of the speakers in this conference was our technical advisor and expert in the field of innovation, Mr. Philippe Geffroy who presented our BeSME project and the importance of food safety and Smart Specialization Strategy.

“Firstly, we are going to launch Competitiveness Vouchers as a tool to support digitalization. The Vouchers will be provided addressed to companies thanks to the service providers in order to overcome the problem of buyer they are facing. The first level of this voucher is digital diagnosis indeed,” said Mr. Geffroy.

“Secondly, we are going to redesign the cluster policy. We are going to assist the clusters and the companies to reach the second level, in other words, to become more efficient and more international,” he added.

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