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Cluster initiative and first meeting with cluster Njeguški Pršut

On Friday, 26th June 2020, we organised our First Cluster meeting with Cluster Njeguški pršut in Njeguši.

As part of the BeSME project, with experts in the field of Cluster development, Mr Philip Geffroy and consultants team Mrs Ana Marković and Mr Savo Vrbica, we are working on the new Cluster Development Initiative in Montenegro, or National Programme for Cluster Development 2020-2022, where we are developing a new Cluster model that supports enterprises development through efficient organisation, which is based on compliance with the Smart Specialization Strategy (

In Njeguši, where we met with members of the Njeguški pršut Cluster, we discussed the new model of Cluster Development in Montenegro, and exchanged information and experiences. We made a presentation of future activities and introduced companies to the future way of working.

The companies to which we presented the Cluster initiative within the BeSME Project were very pleased with the establishment of a new strategy, which will be of great help in their future work, which implies better positioning in the market both domestically and abroad.

As part of this project, we have provided exchange of experiences with some of the leading clusters in the European market as well as companies with many years of experience whose information can be of great help to them.

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