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BeSME Pilot Program for Energy Monitoring

Within the framework of the BeSME project, we will implement the most advanced generation of monitoring systems (called Smart Energy Monitoring System, or Smart EMoS ) within four representative companies in Montenegro to bring in the Montenegro industry the best monitoring solutions. Energy efficiency action plans will be built on the base of each monitoring report. The pilot demonstrator will allow developing new technology and knowledge, managed by both service providers, a French advancing company Smart Impulse and Amplitudo, innovative Montenegrin company.

On that occasion, on Thursday 03 September, visits were organised in glass processing company Flotalba, to present this Pilot Program and introduce them to the system implementation process.

On the same day, we had the opportunity to visit the company of dairy products Šimšić Montmilk, in Danilovgrad.

Both companies are very satisfied because this is a system that will help them to reduce electricity and energy consumption in future work.

The results of the analysis of the energy monitoring system will be reviewed by our experts, and in accordance with the obtained results, they will give recommendations to companies on how to use electricity/energy more rationally for further work. Furthermore, recommendations will also be provided to the Ministry of Economy in their future industrial modernisation supporting programmes.

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