The Project is implemented by Expertise France, in partnership with Bpifrance and Business France



1 - Developed strategic and operational framework for implementation of policies of competitiveness and innovation

The project provides technical assistance to Montenegrin policymakers to develop their strategies and operational frameworks for competitiveness and innovation.

This involves support for the implementation of Montenegro's strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) (2018-2022) and for the development of clusters (2020-2022) and "Smart Specialisation Strategy”.

2 - Strengthened institutional, technical and administrative capacities for the implementation of the competitiveness and innovation policies

The project develops a tailor-made capacity building program for staff involved in the implementation of competitiveness and innovation policies (including the Ministry of the Economy and of Sciences), as well as for Tehnopolis staff (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center). In addition, support will be provided for a public promotion and awareness campaign.

3- Strengthened 
competitiveness and innovation of clusters and business entities, improved business performance productivity and profitability

A support grant program, including a pilot program and technical assistance for cluster development, will be implemented to strengthen the competitiveness and innovation of these clusters.


The Enhancement of Business Environment and Competitiveness of the Private Sector of Montenegro is a project co-funded by the European Union and Montenegro, and led by Expertise France consortium in partnership with Business France and Bpifrance.

Montenegro is currently accelerating socioeconomic reform and speeding up measures to modernise and reindustrialise its economy. With the ultimate goal of further enhancing business environment and competitiveness of the private sector of Montenegro, the project aims at strengthening the administrative capacity and framework for coordination, planning and implementation within Competitiveness and Innovation sectors through targeted support for development, research and innovation.

The main beneficiaries targeted by these supports are all the main Montenegrin players in the field of competitiveness and innovation: the Ministries of Economy, Finance, Science, Sustainable Development and Tourism. SMEs and the Investment Promotion Agency, which need technical assistance to develop their strategies and operational frameworks for competitiveness and innovation.

Other final beneficiaries are SMEs, clusters, chambers of commerce, Tehnopolis, the network of business centers and any other public / private organisations involved in the competitiveness and innovation in Montenegro.






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